What does it mean to me? Malleable , pliable, bending to another persons direction, giving up your personal free will to do the will of another. Manipulation has a negative, dirty feel. Why ? If you are allowing that person or system take over then you’re choosing to let it happen, right? Well that would be true, but the backbone of manipulation is that it’s from a tactical stance. That person knows you . Knows how you think, where you came from & essentially how you feel. The manipulator uses your  emotions against you. Often times they will blatantly deny even realizing your “soft spot”. Clever. The Manipulator does not always come in wolf’s clothing.

My father used to say fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Who hides behind the mask? A friend, a child, a business partner, a romantic partner, like literally anyone. At this point of someone being that close  I have armed the manipulator with everything essential to my being. They could totally break me down. Ok maybe you did win over in that situation. That’s ok. Lesson learned in the failure. A huge lesson. Save MORE of that sweet spot of yourself FOR YOURSELF. I may share a lot of things, but even I have a rule. Never share everything with one person. Especially when dating, leave some of your history out. Do not arm the person with the exact tools to take you out. There has to be a place inside that’s just for you to be.

Thank you for reading. How did this article make you feel?


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