Letting myself off the hook

I was literally laughing out loud- which isn’t a big deal, but I was by myself. Driving in the car. My mind was wondering and I just thought to myself what do people think of me?? Like I wonder what they say. Instantly, a flurry of visions replayed of all the outbursts and matter-of-fact statements I have made to whoever asked. I was like “I’m a bitch.” It was just then I cracked up, it just struck me as funny. Mainly because I am so conscious and loving or at least I try to be.

What I took away from that moment, was that it is more important to be human than to be right. I accept that there are sides to my personality. Knowing that my views and opinions may change as I have another Aha moment in life. I’m embracing it. You are gonna goof up. Maybe that’s what people like about you. Humanistic qualities are far more valuable than trying to attain perfection. The more open you are , the more vulnerable you are, the more empathetic you can be for someone when you take a stroll in their shoes.


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